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I love rock. The music, the bands, the excitement. Working in radio I lived behind the scenes. It was the '90s and Florida was a hotbed of new rock bands. Creed. Limp Bizkit. Matchbox Twenty. Sister Hazel. Such a great time to be in radio as music evolved from neon to plaid and beyond.  Rock Radio was inspired by this amazing time. Writing the book was a fun journey back. I wanted to take readers behind the scenes of a radio station, give a feel for the highs and lows of a new band struggling for stardom and tell the story of the passion and scandal that goes with it all.   Romance with a rock star edge.  With the best music of the nineties as a soundtrack, the story unfolded. Jonny, Dana and Cody were born and the rest, as they say, is...Rock Radio.

Iron Butterfly took me in a different direction. I was struck by the idea of how easy it is to get caught up in the minutiae of our lives. We often get so busy-sometimes making big issues out of minor things-we fail to see what is most important. It's easy to get lost in our day to day be put off by a traffic jam, an unkind person or just running late. In those moments, we don't see the small things that often mean the most. Many times it takes a big life event to make everything fall away and reveal what is dearest to our heart. Iron Butterfly explores this idea in the hopes of awakening that realization. I want readers to experience the life of twenty-nine year old Cassie, a young woman on the verge of marriage and success in her career. Through her eyes the story unfolds sweeping up her fiance, Jake, and estranged sister, Sandy, in the wake of life-changing news. Their lives are intertwined by the unfolding events; each must deal with their past if they will be able to face the future. It is my hope that Iron Butterfly brings to light what means the most and, by reminding us of the power of a smile or some nice words, inspires kindness among us all.

Bestselling author Lisa Wainland has been a radio professional for more than two decades. She’s a successful voiceover artist who works with some of the biggest names in radio and television. Career highlights include interviewing Billy Joel and writing commercials for Howard Stern. Rock Radio and Iron Butterfly are Readers' Favorite Award Winners.


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